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CMMS Ecomaint software for Vietnam Food & Beverage Industry


Today, Ensuring Health and safety food is the first thing for the food & beverage industry, compliance with the strict standards is very important to create the value with partners and customers. nearly impossible without a powerful Computerized Maintenance Management System - CMMS on your side. 

The issues for food and beverage industry:

  • Ensure the hygiene, the safety and the traceability of food
  • Certify the quality of food
  • Have access to the best practices in the processes, the quality organization (HACCP, ISO) and the control of risks 

CMMS Ecomaint serving food and beverage industry: With CMMS Ecomaint, The food & beverage companies can do the preventive maintenance programs are able to maximize the life of assets, reduce food processing equipment downtime and adhere to stringent health and safety compliance regulations, all while controlling maintenance costs.

CMMS Ecomaint can provide detailed documentation, provide workers with easy access to safety manuals and procedures, accurately catalog spare parts and maintain storeroom values, run reports to show data required for inspections and audits, and keep technicians up-to-date with inspection and audit PM tasks.

Ecomaint CMMS offers valuable features for food processing plant maintenance that helps maintenance managers everywhere schedule, plan and track work and labor hours. The full-featured Ecomaint CMMS encompasses functionality for managing work orders and requests, spare parts inventory, assets, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, maintenance schedules, and more.

The most important features below:

  • View, organise, schedule and execute the management of the maintenance of their production tool, to all stages and critical points of the food processing chain
  • Centralise in a single repository a detailed description of all equipment for the production line and of all related operations, especially regarding the compliance with the procedures
  • Schedule an efficient maintenance, in order to reduce the risk of breakdowns, remove the production shutdowns and increase productivity so the competitiveness
  • Ensure the preventive maintenance
  • Manage the diagnostics
  • Manage the criticality analysis

CMMS Ecomaint is a simple solution for companies to ensure that they are in complain with standards and regulations. CMMS Ecomaint is full of features that cater to any food and beverage processing plant's needs.

This solution is implemented successfully in some food & Beverage companies in Vietnam: HUDA, SABECO, ASIA FOOD, ACECOOK, NUTIFOOD, KIDO….

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